Truecaller Premium Mod Apk

Truecaller pro apk

Millions of people use this Truecaller Premium Mod APK to detect spam and junk calls or SMS and search the unknown numbers that could be remembered as the unknown identity of numbers.

Version: 13.5.6 Size: 102MB


This application is the world’s best caller id and spam-blocking application and the best community modular application for various purposes.

Many people trust this app and communication with Truecaller is helpful in various places in India and others. Most people identify calls and SMS all over the world with applications.

About the Truecaller

Truecaller is a smartphone application that uses the internet and requires cellular mobile numbers, which can detect unknown numbers with the help of this software application from android.

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    4. Download Truecaller Gold Apk
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It also helps to identify the business numbers, which can be calculated so that 200 million users use this application monthly worldwide, and 150 million users are from India.

Truecaller premium apk

It can be hacked by hacking news. The group identified a sensitive database that can detect the unknown installation of the servers but claimed that and not disclose any anonymous information.

Features of Truecaller Premium APK

There are some unique features of this application over millions of people have experienced the future communication for this application with Truecaller Premium Apk; you can trust it and take benefit of the unique features, which can explain in detail in the below points.

Truecaller mod apk

Caller Id

This app identifies unknown national or international numbers; it automatically detects the name and location of the person calling.

SMS Alert

This app tracks all transactions and another critical SMS alert of the person and notifies it of the top, pin, bills, and delivery status.

Spam Blocking

This app automatically identifies robocalls, telemarketers, scams, frauds, harassment, and many more, and also identifies unknown upcoming calls and SMS to protect the device.

Intelligent Dialler

Dial the number of your family and friends, and identify the number as you dial according to you with this intelligent dialer.

Truecaller app


This app also helps to manage your communication with messaging for the ability of SMS simultaneously to send and receive.

Dark Theme

You can choose a theme in this application according to your available light or dark colors on all the screens.

Organized and spam-free inbox

This app automatically cleans your inbox for personal, meaningful, and other spam SMS and protects your device from junk and other spam calls.

Key features of Truecaller Mod APK

  • This app searches the worldwide numbers for android and I phone users.
  • It crosses over 200 million active users around the world.
  • The million of the crowed source can be collected from the phone book.
  • It can back up the control of your SMS inbox.
  • It has an excellent directory service approx 20 million user milestones.
  • It lands million of series with verified business numbers.
  • It has ocean investments to push crowdsource global directory research.
  • It has million in venture capital funding.
  • Reacher discovers critical security flaws in this app.
  • It contains investors in community and open-source businesses.

Download Truecaller Gold Apk

You can download this application from the google play store available on your mobile phone. You can go ahead to google play store and search the Truecaller Gold Mod Apk play store and install the application on your mobile phone and use it to identify unknown calls for the above information.

It can use this by default based on the unknown identity of the person of a different location of the world who is using this application or not as the comparative identification in the source of the calling application. This app automatically identifies robocalls, telemarketers, scams, frauds, harassment, and many more, and also identifies unknown upcoming calls and SMS to protect the device.

Truecaller Gold APK FAQs

Is the Truecaller Gold Apk available on iPhone?

Yes, this app is available on iPhone.

How to download this app?

You can download this app on the play store.

How can we sign up for this app?

Your email account can sign up for this app.

Is this app identifies unknown calls?

Yes, this app identifies unknown calls.

Is Truecaller safe?

Yes, Truecaller is entirely safe.


This application is handy for checking up the unknown identity by using the default this application and. also it can be used to control the message service on the intelligent dialer and block some spam calls or other junk calls that can protect your smartphone and save it by entering viruses by using the internet at the application.

You can benefit from this app without an internet connection and some additional features; it adds a free app and allows you to record all calls and securely keep your device away from scams.!

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