Truecaller Premium APK

Truecaller pro apk

Truecaller Premium Apk Download is a general application that protects your phone from unknown callers and scammers. People who are aware of their safety Beneficial Application for them. Using this, people can quickly identify any number. They can be easily blocked if an unknown person does not like the call message.

Version: 13.16.8 Size: 107MB


You can use this Application without advertising if you have Downloaded it from our side. You can know who has viewed your Profile. You will get a notification even before someone calls. In this Application, you get more options.

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  1. Truecaller Premium APK
    1. About the Truecaller
    2. What is TrueCaller Gold Apk
    3. Benefits of Truecaller Premium Apk
    4. Download Truecaller Mod Apk
    5. Key Features of TrueCaller Premium Apk
    6. TrueCaller Pro Apk FAQs

With Truecaller, you can easily find out who called you today. You can pick up the phone and answer if you know the person. With this app, you can be alerted by unknown people. If you are worried about unknown calls, you can block them.

About the Truecaller

This is the most popular Truecaller App for privacy and security. Download the app and know the person, the unknown numbers, callers, and spammers. You will get a notification before the call comes.

Truecaller premium

Truecaller Mod Apk is helpful for everyone, especially those concerned about privacy—people who don’t like to pick up calls from strangers. With Truecoller, you can quickly know the ID of an unknown person.

You can easily save numbers and data in this app on your Truecaller ID. Deleting a number from your phone will remain in your proper caller ID. It will also block messages from the Contact you stop so no one can bother you.

What is TrueCaller Gold Apk

This is a calling and messaging Truecaller Gold Apk with Gold Subscription. This can help the new caller or an unknown number. It shows the ID of the number not in the contact list. If that caller bothers or teases you, this Application detects and Blocks them.

TrueCaller Gold Apk

You can use them Dark or Bright, According to your choice. Your Inbox is free of spam text. Your caller ID looks more Attractive Profile with the Gold version. This version doesn’t have ads.

Benefits of Truecaller Premium Apk

Truecaller Premium Apk has many benefits; you can protect phones and calls with many features. Secure your phone number from scammers. It provides many Privacy and Security Options you can use for data.

Truecaller Premium Apk

Automatically block spam SMS and calls

It identifies the Fraud company and scammers, Blocks them by itself, and warns you of such people. There is an option for spam, this kind of message also moves the spam option. Automatic Block feature available and spam caller ID

Caller ID

This app identifies the caller ID and highlights the person’s name and location. It identified the area of domestic or International calls. It showed the Profile of that person’s Gmail address and Local; this is if the number of fraud companies offers spam calls.

Dark Theme

This app provides you with a black theme. You can adjust your comfort level. You can choose what you like by going to the music of the app’s Default settings. If you want bright colors, select Bright Mode; if you like Dark Theme, choose Dark Mode.

Spam Blocking

If you don’t like unknown Numbers and unwanted calls, this app can help Block unknown and spam calls. This app can detect fraud companies and spam callers who cannot call or text you.

Truecaller pro apk

Spam-free and well-organized Inbox

Your text message section is free of Unnecessary messages. There is another option for spam and unnecessary text.


You can use this option to message or text someone you want to talk to without any other app. There is no limit to the text you can send or receive. Only you need to go in a True caller and start texting.

Who Viewed My Profile

Using this app, we can see someone check out our Profile. It shows the Profile of the person who viewed my Profile.

Ads Free

This version is the prime version of this app, so this is Ads-Free. You don’t need to see unnecessary Advertising. It removes advertising. You can use True caller Ads.

Call Recording

This feature you can use as a call Recorder. You can record your call with good-quality sound. You can search or see your recording and listen.

Announce Calls

You will get notified before someone calls you. A notification on your screen displays the person’s name and that he was calling you. For example: (Ramesh is calling you)

Ghost Call

This feature creates a fake call for your safety. you set the 10 or 15 seconds timer, and it shows an incoming emergency and you need to go somewhere urgently. Then you can avoid the person that you don’t like to talk to.

Intelligent Dialer

Incognito Mode

Browsing in Incognito mode means your activity data isn’t saved on your Truecaller app, or you’re not signed into. For example, you may use Incognito Mode to see someone’s Profile, but he doesn’t know that his Profile checked someone.

Premium Badge

This feature gives a professional and Decent look to your Profile. If you want, Highlight your ID, Name. This will make your Profile look great, and you can Download Truecaller premium apk.

Unlimited Contact Requests

Using this app, you can add more people to your Contact List. You can send many Requests of your known Contact you can add. If you lose your Contact’s data, you can quickly backup data from Truecaller Mod Apk. I’ll return the login to your Truecaller account with your Contact Number and all the contacts from your number.

Download Truecaller Mod Apk

This is the Truecaller Mod Apk premium version. Ads Free version You can use Premium Version for a free Subscription for more options or features. Truecaller Download unlocks all features this version take benefits and enjoy.

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Key Features of TrueCaller Premium Apk

  • Automatically block spam SMS and calls from unwanted callers
  • Dark Theme for selection of your comfort
  • Ads Free it removes unnecessary Ads
  • Call Recording fortress the unknown callers
  • Announce a call before someone calls you
  • Ghost Call if you want prank calls
  • Incognito mode hides viewing someone’s Profile you view
  • Premium Budge for Profile looks good
  • Unlimited Contact Requests for more Contact

TrueCaller Pro Apk FAQs

Truecaller Pro Apk is one of the most secure and safe Applications because you can choose your privacy. According to you: Block Unknown and spam callers with a premium subscription. If we miss any point about this Application, you can Ask.

Question. Is Truecaller premium Mod apk safe?

Answer. Yes, if you Download this Application from our site or Truecaller.Pro is safe, but if you Download it from another place, it’s your own Risk.

Question. What are the benefits of Truecaller Pro Mod Apk?

Answer. It has a premium membership without any cost and Unlocked features for you.

Q. Can you track a private number?

Answer. Private numbers are blocked and can usually trace local calls. However, unknown, unavailable, or out-of-area calls are not traceable because they don’t contain the data needed for a successful trace.


There is to inform you that TrueCaller Gold Mod Apk is an Unlocked Version of TrueCaller that provides you with many prime features for Free. You secure your data and Contact in this Application you can hide your Profile from others. You can use these Prime features to Protect your Phone from spammers.

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